3 days 3 quotes Challenge #2

I would like to thank Liavi (https://thevillagecinderella.wordpress.com) for nominating me for this challenge. An amazing poet, her words contain life, are expressive, magical, and beautiful. I have thoroughly enjoyed her poetry and admired her work. Quote #2 Dead Poet's Society is a movie that inspires me everytime I watch it. There are just so many … Continue reading 3 days 3 quotes Challenge #2


What if we wake up?

The world sleeps Through day, through night Dull, dozing, dead, done. No one's awake... Zombies in formals on the run. Not awake not aware Do not know what for to care Just going through the motions Don't even know they move We sleep, some dream But mostly we press snooze... What if I wake up … Continue reading What if we wake up?