I've come to the conclusion That my favorite word is "Ephemeral". It leaves no delusion, Doesn't leave any confusion, Explains beautifully how everything is an illusion, Transitory, temporary, transient, Maybe it's all a collusion, A conspiracy between heaven and hell, That left us here, To live, to die, Ephemeral, You, me, and everything we've ever … Continue reading Ephemeral



Mom and dad never taught me how to swim They tried... Let's be fair. Swimming classes and family members trying to make me and my sister understand how to  "push water back"  "breathe properly"  "keep moving our legs"  I don't know....I just never got the hang of it. And always thought that if I never … Continue reading FloatingĀ 


What a paradoxical being a human is! It craves for freedom when in a cage And makes a cage when it's essentially free. One bar of this cage is their workplace And diligently it works on this everyday! Another is it's so called home This bar is the heart of our comfort zone. Most of … Continue reading Cage