Let it Rain

For these dark clouds only melt

If you’d rather let it Rain


Do not hold back 

Do not swallow those tears

Do not think for once 

That you can’t be sad or fear

Don’t pretend to be happy

Rather let it rain

Don’t pretend to be so strong

Don’t try to ignore pain

For these dark clouds’ll only melt

If you’d rather let it Rain


A walk in the park

Don’t you feel weirdly calm, when you come across an unexpected epiphany in daily chores and activities? I know I do.
I recently started going for morning walks. Mainly because of two reasons, I should probably mention here:
Oneā€¦its summer vacation and i have a lot of free time (plus I get bored)
Second…it gives me an excuse to laze around all day guilt free šŸ˜›

So, yesterday, I was for some apparent reason really motivated and walking briskly in the not so little park behind my building. This obviously means that I was worn out in a few rounds (for if you know me, you know brisk walking, or walking in general ain’t my thing).
Now, when my fire doused, (which was soon) i continued my trek but now really slowly and in just a few minutes I realised how beautiful that park really was.



Few clicks of what I saw. But it was more than this.

A beautiful web, intricately and strategically woven between two branches with the thread so thin and delicate that the camera refused to capture it with the owner spider claiming the center for himself like it’s his throne.

A di-colored lizard with spikes down the back and a royal dragon face, concentrating on some unknown creature in grass with one foot up, almost like a yoga pose. (Too bad it ran away before getting it’s picture taken)

The best of all were the sweet smelling flowers all around and sunlight sifting through the branches of these flower laden trees touching the grass and you with it’s early morning gentleness.


It was here when I actually realised that everything we look at, all our surroundings, our environment, basically everything gets its definition from our perception. Most of the time it is us who perceive them as hostile or friendly, or for that matter beautiful or ugly. It is our perception, of our environment that gives it a definition.

And it was here when I actually understood why “slow down” is a pretty common advice of all spiritual/self help materials. Just moments before when I was trying to walk as fast as I can I did not even notice where I was, what I was doing, rather what I was missing. I was oblivious of the beauty around me. But when I slowed down, and actually looked around this seemingly normal place became a paradise.

I think that’s all we need, slowing down, slowing down to tread troubled waters…

Aprajita Rana

What Psychology taught me in First Year


You know, I so wish that this post contained all the theories and topics that my teachers have tried so hard to embed in my brain via my seemingly ineffective ears, but it does not! Sadā€¦i’ll have to rote learn all that!

But corny as it may sound, I have come across a few “life lessons” as one may call them, in my first year of being a Psychology student.
So here they are, five things studying psychology had taught me:

1) Expectations Ruin Surprises.

Has it ever happened to you? You’ve got this image all build up, of how the situation is going to be and the things you’ll do etc etc. Well I tend to do that! From images of what college would be like, to exams, to simple silly competitions and friends and almost every other expectation I have ever catered to has been shattered ruthlessly. In saying that however, these situations have also somehow played out so perfectly that it’s honestly, MADENNING.
This is when I realised, that in hoping for the “mental picture” to materialize, I did lose out on many entirely “awesome” moments which were infact going on.
The logic is simple, if we spend too much time on complaining how this place right here is not what you wanted, we can never realise that in reality it infact is perfect. After all our attention has limited capacity! (I do remember some course stuff yo! *Nailing General Psychology like a bawss*)

2) You’re all the subject that you need!

The part which i find the most interesting in psychology is our practicals. Even though I find writing it all down a huge cumbersome task and finding the “subject” (person on whom we’re supposed to do the practical) a pain in the ass, I still love practicals because we get to test ourselves and know ourselves better.
Every time I have made myself the subject of the study, I’ve learned something new. For example: I am highly neurotic, and even though I am highly open to new experiences and things, my conscientiousness to do something is so low that scales don’t even mention it! (I can support this by citing the example of my irregular blogs!!!😼)
I love finding stuff about myself. It somehow proves how crazy I am which gives me mental peace ( 🙈 just kidding!)

3) The Best way to live, Is to stop, listen and observe!!

I can honestly say, that my tendency to observe things and people has increased manifold. Not just people, but myself as well. I literally go “okay, I think some stimulus has triggered a mood change in me” (true story: Barney meme)
What I have also found is that this is infact the only way to learn. I know for a fact wherever we are, our mind is mostly in a state of turmoil. We’re thinking other stuff, waiting for our turn to speak or just not completely aware of the situation. And obviously, we miss out on details, or forget stuff!
I know I’d have missed this, if I were on a phone or inattentive:


A simple yet such a poignant quote expressing this guy’s emotions with a beautiful brevity.
“Each minute is full of 60 lessons, we just need to pay attention” (#LillySingh). We are surrounded by such unique things and beings, it’s us who lack the power to observe and comprehend them.

4) People Just want to be heard.

Confession: I read this somewhere, but since I’ve tried to incorporate this into my life, thought I’d as well mention it.

People just want someone to talk to. They have their shit, and they need to share. Agreed you have yours too but hey, it does not hurt to listen! I’ve started listening more (yeah, people who know me it’s true! You didn’t notice? Back to point three dawg!). It feels good to be a confidante, but more than that, you realise that every one is sad and miserable, much more than you and this makes you feel better, for you realise that you are not alone!
( Or maybe it’s just me, I am a bit sadistic, so yeah)

5) All your troubles are either a test or for a test

Although the title here is self sufficient, I’d still like to blab some more.
Remember whenever you are in a “situation” this will pass. (And if this situation is an exam…you will pass!)
Even though this is more of a philosophy than psychology, nothing is permanent and in the end it’s all good and for good!

K. Thanks. Bye šŸ™‚

Aprajita Rana