Thoughts under the Moon

If only we stop humanising everything


Here I am once again, wishing for a power cut

To the streetlight I want to say goodbye

So that I’m left alone, in this light breeze and calming moonlight.

So that I forget I’m human, and I have to lead a chaotic life.

So that at the stars I can gaze, peacefully tonight.
It’s almost full moon

The sky is as clear as it can be. 

If only we stop humanising everything,

We can have moonlit silver bodies.

Maybe the stars will guide me, If I can find some in this pollution

Maybe I would’ve been free, If I wasn’t a human.

Maybe I’d have enjoyed much more, If I wasn’t human!

Virtually trapped


Tap tap the keypad types
Im tired still its spinning my lies.

Need sleep, need peace
The keypad won’t stop
Need space, need me
It swears: “Last post”.

And while I’m trapped
Owned by my own phone
The spring breeze slaps
The flowers on the tree near lamp-post.

And as I stay drenched
In the computer screen’s light
There’s three quarters of moon
Reflecting light bright and white.

And as my phone sends another emoticon
A few emotional poems in me, sigh, and move on.

Aprajita Rana