The Perfect Night

Its the perfect night to stay awake for the whole of it! 

The sky’s clear and moon’s bright. 

The wind is cool and in harmony with the moonlight.

Dumbledore’s words echo as bollywood tunes prove love is the greatest. 

My soul sings while the world rests! 

If I designed heaven I’d copy and paste (this exact scene)! 

For its the night to love in this world of hate! 

Alas, its going to pass…. Fade away into day

So I shall live a complete life… In this next moment… 


The Beautiful Woman

I saw her a few months ago. As usual, I was NOT in the mood to go to college and attend another one of those mundane lectures, talk about senseless stuff in break and eat whatever bad food the canteen was serving.

It is usually in such times I turn to philosophy for my entertainment. Meaning of life, what is happiness? Is universe abundant? and all other unanswered questions become my sweet escape.

However, this time it was different. I saw something. A sight that still gives me chills. En route to my college, I saw a woman in front of a Temple. She was old and all her years had created an intricate art piece made entirely of wrinkles on her face. She was dark skinned but the sun’s angle made her look radiant. Her body had given up on trying to maintain any types of curves and she was dressed in a probably dirty saree. She wasn’t from a well off family, she was sitting with the beggars. The Temple is near my place so I know for a fact she wasn’t a regular there. But then, there was her smile. A full, happy, innocent, one-toothed smile. Smiling at the person who had just given her some prasad. Content, satisfied, uncomplaining and complete.

I have never seen anyone smile like this. She seemed really happy. For the, probably 30 seconds, that I was staring at her, my mind had completely stopped. All I saw was her smile. It was so elegant, so naturally radiant and just angelic! I do not have appropriate words to describe it. She was  beautiful.

I still remember the feeling I had all day long. I was calm. I didn’t want to talk, speak, listen or even look at anyone. I felt like I had seen an angel.

I don’t have her picture. (God, I wish I did!) But I tried Googling a similar woman. This is the closest I could find….


Makes me wonder, why we obsessively try to cover ourselves and everything true about us with make up and expensive accessories!?

Maybe cause none of us is happy and we need to prove to everyone that we are…..