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Nature’s Angels

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. ~Rabindranath Tagore   With delicate wings, Beautiful and divine, Butterflies are nature's angels flying. Floating, and fluttering, for they are free, They count not months but in moments they be, Naturally "Zen", mindful and serene....

“words will never hurt me” They do!

Deeply Eccentric

“Words are powerful. They can either create or destroy.” – Anonymous

WORDS! What a beautiful medium humans got, to express their feelings, emotions and thoughts. often, this beautiful medium acts as a deadly poison. Words, most of the time, are venemous for a relationship, for a person’s Self esteem, their reputation and what not.

I think about this saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” I don’t agree with this. Because words do hurt and coming from someone who’s so important to you. Someone you love, just multiplies the pain by zillion times.

Bad choice of words could ruin the whole thing for you. Words strike someone like an arrow, released from its bow, too late to take it back will cause damage.

I’ll talk about both sides of the coin. If someone else’s words could hurt and may break you then remember…

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Daily Dose of Inspiration – Be Brave

Be Inspired..!!

Each person living on this planet wants to feel superior in a way or another. There is no man on earth who has no ambition or who dont want to improve his life to the better. As humans we come with a built in desire to rise up. Brave people do their best to reach their goals, to improve their lives and to rise while cowards do something completely different. They don’t try to rise in order to be better but they pull others down in order to remain above!! If you want to be brave in life then you must understand that putting others down in order to rise up is a sign of lack of courage. Most people are not brave enough to face life problems and that’s why they choose the easy way which can make them feel good about themselves without doing anything useful. This might seem like an intelligent move but…

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The Shore and the Waves

Just For My Love


The sea waves hit the shore like never before. They reminded of shattering glass, of broken hearts and of the storms of life. The miracles were often too less in this part of the country, but they did happen, time and again. Last year, this place was among the top tourists spots around the world, and that made everyone proud. There was a festival held to celebrate the place’s 89th spot in the list. This happens a lot here, we do find ways to make ourselves happy. This time, it was the 89th place in a list produced by the US, enough to tell you that called for a celebration.

But how? This place was one of the most noisy, disturbed, dark places ever, Matthew thought, as he took a sip of coconut water he longed to throw away, but couldn’t bring himself up to it. The clouds didn’t seem…

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