Another I’m back!

This is another I’m back…For I’m back again!

Yup! Exams done. I’m free. Though I think I have a weird form of writer’s block….for instance, I don’t write anymore for barely am I struck woth epiphanies or other crazy thoughts….but like that can stop me from continuing this blog! 

Writing for me is life. I may take a break. I may discontinue for weeks and months but I will always come back. And I will always keep posting The “I’m Back” posts. That’s just how stuff is going to be. 

Anyways, those who know me can give validation to the fact that I’M THE MOST INDISCIPLINED person on the face of this earth (exaggerated…. But yeah. I lack discipline!!). And recently I’ve realised that it is an essential quality which is required for success in any field. So I’ve been trying (mostly in vain) to cultivate discipline. Thus it only makes sense that I do so in terms of writing as well. 

So here’s the plan! I’ll write atleast two posts every week for a month that is July 4 (Preferably on wed and sun) on any topic. Maybe just a couplet. But I will post something.  To improve my writing, remove this block and be more disciplined. And you….you can just comment and let me know how much that sucked! 

(Kidding, I won’t approve negative comments anyway! 😂😂)

Well that’s it for today. See ya! Bbye! 💜


“words will never hurt me” They do!

Deeply Eccentric

“Words are powerful. They can either create or destroy.” – Anonymous

WORDS! What a beautiful medium humans got, to express their feelings, emotions and thoughts. often, this beautiful medium acts as a deadly poison. Words, most of the time, are venemous for a relationship, for a person’s Self esteem, their reputation and what not.

I think about this saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” I don’t agree with this. Because words do hurt and coming from someone who’s so important to you. Someone you love, just multiplies the pain by zillion times.

Bad choice of words could ruin the whole thing for you. Words strike someone like an arrow, released from its bow, too late to take it back will cause damage.

I’ll talk about both sides of the coin. If someone else’s words could hurt and may break you then remember…

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List of Gifts I’d love to receive

Now I know this is probably a bad idea and sort of greedy but I’m still gonna do it!
If you’re a “Friends” fanatic, you’d remember how whenever you give a gift to Rachel on her birthday you “stick to the list, always stick to the list”. And honestly, I think that’s a great idea….i mean yeah you’re good friends, but who knows a person (and their needs) better than the person herself eh?

Anyways, let it be clear that I’m not as strict as Rachel, and I accept everything. But still since I love you all (and most of all I love myself)….here’s a list of things that I’ve always wanted, so feel free to refer to it before my birthday…which ain’t too far 😛

1) Harry Potter Series
Now if you know me, you knoww that I ABSOLUTELY love Harry Potter and I’m a Potterhead. However, that said, I currently do not possess the complete set of Harry Potter books. I want them. And it’s no secret…

2) Dean Winchester’s Jacket
This is something I’ve looked for far and wide and I am at a point where I not only want it I need it! I mean…it’s DEAN WINCHESTER’S JACKET!!! How could anyone not want it.

3) GOT or LOTR series
Here comes another set of book series. Both of them have been in my reading list (yup im a bookworm) for a long long loonnngggg time. So yep, they would certainly be appreciated.

4) Puppyyy/Kitten
This was supposed to be at number one. Because I want them so much they’re in my bucket list!!!!! I reallyyyy want a pet! But here’s the glitch….the people I live with (aka family) do not allow me to adopt or buy one. However, there is no rule against getting a pet as a gift. So if you love me….you’ll choose this and also probably warn my parents! 😛 

5) Cool fandom Merch!
Yep yep yep! Any fandom’s merch ESPECIALLY LILLY SINGH AND HARRY POTTER will be greatly appreciated and your efforts will not go in vain. I’ll cherish you ALWAYS. You know for UNICORNS (specifically those who have onesies) stay together.

6) Boots/Cool shoes
Well yeah I’m a bigfoot. But I also like big boots! If you’re not a really close person….do not give this for you’ll never get the size right. On the other hand….if you are (and the parameter for that is the frequency of memes and fb posts i tag you in) this is the easiest way out 😉

7) Wallet/Bags/Handbags
I have no idea why….but I’ve been obsessed with these things lately. So if you’re a good friend (however not tagged frequently) this one’s for you XD
However, getting a combined thing from the first four items won’t be bad idea either!

8) Candles
I love candles. That’s another weird fact about me. (So much information being revealed today! ) Scented ones and big candles and the ones with cute shapes and the stout ones I LOVE EM ALL! (no floating ones though). Even though I wish someone would get me the ones Lupin had in Prisoner of Azkaban where he taught Harry patronus charm, I know they aren’t available anywhere (but if you could get em I’ll love you forever). So you could get me other types of candles but not sooo good that i don’t wanna burn em. You know…somewhere in the middle.

9) Jewellery
Right. Though with special focus on cute neckpieces, earrings, unique things, again merch, and yep charm bracelets!!!

10) Makeup things (maybe)
Alright last and probably the least, makeup things. I think the heading implicitly explains that i don’t know s**t about makeup. But then again YouTube tutorials have piqued my curiosity! So why not? (Also, remember Lilly aka superwoman had released her lipstick brand “Bawse” so why not :P)

So that’s it for now rather this year. This post should be of great help to anyone confused ( Atleast I hope you are and thinking about such stuff ). With that said, I should mention that I love you guys already, otherwise you’d not be there in my life. So just keep doing what you are doing. It makes me happy! See ya…bbye! 😀

Aprajita Rana

Daily Dose of Inspiration – Be Brave

Be Inspired..!!

Each person living on this planet wants to feel superior in a way or another. There is no man on earth who has no ambition or who dont want to improve his life to the better. As humans we come with a built in desire to rise up. Brave people do their best to reach their goals, to improve their lives and to rise while cowards do something completely different. They don’t try to rise in order to be better but they pull others down in order to remain above!! If you want to be brave in life then you must understand that putting others down in order to rise up is a sign of lack of courage. Most people are not brave enough to face life problems and that’s why they choose the easy way which can make them feel good about themselves without doing anything useful. This might seem like an intelligent move but…

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The Shore and the Waves

Just For My Love


The sea waves hit the shore like never before. They reminded of shattering glass, of broken hearts and of the storms of life. The miracles were often too less in this part of the country, but they did happen, time and again. Last year, this place was among the top tourists spots around the world, and that made everyone proud. There was a festival held to celebrate the place’s 89th spot in the list. This happens a lot here, we do find ways to make ourselves happy. This time, it was the 89th place in a list produced by the US, enough to tell you that called for a celebration.

But how? This place was one of the most noisy, disturbed, dark places ever, Matthew thought, as he took a sip of coconut water he longed to throw away, but couldn’t bring himself up to it. The clouds didn’t seem…

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5 reasons why I loved Gone Girl


WARNING!! WARNING!!! DISCLAIMER! Please note that if you are unaware of a book called Gone Girl, the following content can and will destroy your experience of reading/watching it! So please close this window and order the book now!

And for those who have read/watched it, well let’s take a trip down the memory lane, shall we?

1) AMY! AMY! AMY!!!!
Not to sound like a sociopath! But I just LOVE Amy! Ofcourse, for the first half of the book I just could not understand why this stupid girl prolonged her misery, and not divorce Lance Nicholas Dunne (yes i dislike him so much that i’ll use his full name!).
But the second half’s first page, just gave me chills and made me a fan of Avenging Amy! Damn…that girl’s good!
Honestly, I wish I could do something like that! (No, I’m not crazy, shutup!) The planning and acting and patience and the discipline! It’s just….just crazyyyy! And amazing!!! She’s cold, .and manipulative and malicious with the right amount of brains. She does not take crap, be it anyone, and that is exactly what I love about her!
The way she fakes her pregnancy, and disappearance, and the murder! It’s outright BRILLIANT!

2) The killer suspense (pun intended)
Again, the turn this book takes, in the second part just denies the reader any respite and forces him/her to complete the book, even if it means, waking up till 3am and getting a bad case of spondylitis! It is impossible to know where the next three pages will take you, and the crime is so perfect i still am obsessively trying to figure out loopholes! (Haven’t yet googled them though)

3) The language
Now this can be purely subjective, but I loved the narrative of the book. A right mixture of sophisticated writing with profanity in the right places. The story flowed effortlessly, without digression (which I detest) and managed to hang on to the suspense, without becoming boring.

4) It’s Different!
This was the first time I’ve ever read such a book. My literary journey had till now, not encountered any sociopaths. (Again it’s a subjective point but it’s my blog so 😉 )
What I also like about this story is the fact that it does not classify any of its characters. All of them are gray. They are all realistic. They all are somewhat correct in their places and somewhat wrong as well. Whom do you hate and whom do you love is left all to the reader’s discretion.

5) A great psychology lesson
It’s an insight into a psychopath’s mind. What is her psychological makeup, from where did it stem, why she does what she does, and how she does what she does is all beautifully incorporated in the book! Her behaviour has a reason, she was nurtured this way, not to mention this book could someday be a part of the “nature vs nurture” debate….who knows?

Above all the sole reason I am writing all this right now, is that this book changed me. Changed my perspective, shocked me, and made me think again and again and again about it. And as many of you know, I love any book which does that!

So if you are one of those who have just contented themselves with the movie, please go and read this book right now! There’s no way you wouldn’t love it!

K bye! 🙂

Aprajita Rana

The cry of a werewolf


He’s crying inside
He’s dying inside.
He wants to stop…
But his body won’t listen.

His prey is quivering with fear
Begging…she’s in tears
He’s apologizing
But a growl is all she’ll hear.

As the moon hits zenith
He tears her into little bits
Feasts on her warm blood
He’s sad for he likes it.

Cursed…how cursed his life is
Kill and eat, sad predator’s bliss
Little do they know he’s crying inside
Little do they know he’s dying inside.
His dad was a hunter, a noble man
He saved scores, but failed to save his son
Often he’s wondered, would it be better to die
Than bear the curse of werewolf’s kiss each full moon’s night.

He tries to save humans
From his own bloody claws
But nothing is in his control
When wolf’s shape he draws
He can see and hear
Taste their flesh,
He can feel their fear
Smell them bloodied afresh.

And he cries and cries and cries inside
And he dies and dies and dies inside

If this is how it’s supposed to be
Killing your sister and someone else maybe
Than isn’t better to leave this fight
And let death set him free tonight?

So he gathers all his pieces
He’s shattered again
Walks off the cliff
Crashes like a plane
On the pointy rocks down below
Last breath is drawn
And slips into death’s land
At the break of dawn.

He had cried cried and cried enough
Now he can die die and die at last.

The Truth About PMS

I’m no doctor. Neither an expert on the matters of women’s health or anything of such sort. I am merely a person plagued every month by the henious and flagitious PMS, which infact makes me wayyyy more qualified than any of those well read quacks who throw unsolicited advices on “what to do during such a time” towards you like their morning excretory routines would not be completed if they don’t give atleast 150 advices per day!😾
(Also, statutory warning: I will exaggerate)

You have probably seen many a sitcoms throw around “maybe it’s that time of the month” callously at certain reaction the protagonist shows like slight hints of irritation or rather an unexpected rage. But you know what!? If it really is that time of the month….I should tell you….I, and all others like me, are the last ones in this whole wide world that you should mess with! For PMS is not just feeling uneasy or irritated…it is torture. And if you do decide to push your luck….you might just get out, feeling as if burning coal tar was slowly poured all over you, and your screams relished to the fullest, while taking great care only to strech your pain limit and not kill or critically injure you. (Trust me I am grinning from ear to ear right now)

Just! Just tell me one simple thing! My body is already trying to manage the excess of LH, FSH, Estrogen and Progesterone! As if these horrible, atrocious hormones weren’t enough, my body’s temperature has decided to get high! My uterus is throwing little sample cramps now and then, while I feel as if  an extra layer of giddy-giddy something has been inserted under my skin! ( in the terms of well read quacks… This is called bloating)
So WHYYYYY ….why should I bear your stupidity!? I might have ignored this, but now, no one in the history of torture’s been tortured by torture like the torture you’ll be tortured with. ( yess….whatup supernatural/crowley- my favorite demon- reference)

I’m really not promoting any stereotypes here now. I am telling you the absolute truth. Don’t tell me to divert my mind….I am not a superhero…don’t give me a bucket of “it will pass” crap, because I know that!! I am not dumb, you fool! And guess what?….chocolate doesn’t help! I like it because unlike you, it’s pleasant to be with!! Honestly, what are you on!???

But having said all that, on a serious note…yes, all this IS really annoying. And if you are experiencing it, two things girl,
1) You are not alone.
Speaking not only the fact that millions of others are travelling in the same boat as you, but also just look around, all these people who are bearing you right now, really love you! And they are here in this hell with you…so hang in there.

2) Take it easy.
Take this time to give yourself all that you deserve. Indulge in decadent deserts and have a long bath, watch the movie you planned to or listen to some quality music on long walks. Write……do anything and everything that makes you feel better. Hell, cry it out! Make it an emotional catharsis if you feel like it. It’s YOUR time. Don’t take too much stress, and just take a break!

It is tough; I mean judge from the way this blog is written….mood swings are real….all the other things are real, and nothing other than accepting it can be done.
So you know what….enjoy your PMS! Shout at people you hate….get in a fight, and blame it all on this stupid thing!!

I hope if you were feeling any of this today, you feel better. If you are one of those girls who “don’t get” pms….I hope I will be there tonight, to haunt your dreams!
And to all others, I hope you enjoyed reading this insightful piece and will be careful now.
Thanks for stopping by 🙂


5 Reasons all of us should read classics

I am the type of person who can literally devour a good book in matter of hours!! If a fire was to strike my college…I’d probably save books than my friends. (Well let’s face it, books do actually have more brains than them!)

Recently I came across Wuthering Heights, in a snatch-fight-kill for books book-fair. Of-course I had heard of it….and yes never read it, but too much free time aling with great online summary and reviews compelled me to open the book.

I’ve always believed books are shortcuts to different heavenly worlds in a different time and place. Wuthering heights surpassed all my expectations turning out to be an entirely unique and a novel experience, so much so that even the slightly old expression and English did not put me off and it forced me to actually dust off other all time favs and give them a read!!

So, here are five reasons everyone should read classics….

  1. You’ll get an epic vocabulary enhancing session.    

It does seem cumbersome at firstbugging google again and again and again and yet again to give you the meaning of these words which either you have never heard or have heard in a dream….or a dream of a dream (Remember this…narnia?? ❤ favorite childhood movie).

However irritating it may be, it sure gives you an upper-hand in literature class or even an argument with some stupid bimbo who might be bugging you 😛 (you can be like “hiyaaa five words pride and prejudice!!” “you wanna piece of me? there…imma go all Lolita on you!”).

Basically it’ll be worth it…and most of the time the story is so interesting that you would definitely not give up for this reason.
A little tip though….download Kindle and the e-book of whatever you are reading. It has a built in dictionary which just makes all this super easy! And if you are a hater of e-book like me…then read the hard copy while simultaneously using kindle for word-meaning session.


2. You’ll never be the same person again.

I read somewhere that the definition of a classic book is that it changes you as a person. And I for once have found this to be true after the indulging in the few classics that I had.
It’s impossible to remain the same person again. After i completed pride and prejudice….i think I was just numb for a whole hour. I thought nothing felt nothing. And then all of a sudden I found that I am actually capable of loving someone…given that the someone is Mr. Darcy. But I could literally see everyone in a different light, including me. All of us full of pride and prejudice. It just blowwwsss my mind!!!!

3. Food for Thought

I still find myself wondering…how can someone be as twisted as Heathcliff. And I still can find no flaw in his character. Given the circumstances he faced I think he turned out pretty good person, I’d have probably resorted to something like murder.

One thing cannot be denied, these books are time tested. They force you to read and reread them. Make you conflict yourself, make you think and wonder. It’s maddening and amazing at the same time. For me atleast, this reason is compelling enough to make me open my collection of classics, grab a cup of coffee, get myself a corner and a blanket, and start reading.

4. You’ll Be a literary reference wizard

This one is probably for your english teacher….but you’ll have a reference for each and every situation. (Don’t overdo…your friends might abandon you :P)
If not, then atleast in the time of crisis, you can relate to some character which will give you hope. I still look for Dumbledore’s words when am low. (And I think when the situations arise I’d probably call myself some jane Austen character too) These books teach you. Make you better, help you grow. You’ll never be alone, you’ll always have these characters with you.

5. They are fun to read

If none of the above works for you, then consider the fact that they had to be something to be a “classic”.
So chances are that like the million others of present and the million others of past, you too will enjoy the story, setting and the write up.
Just give it a try!!

I hope I’ve given you enough reasons, and if you still don’t pick up a classic….well then…screw youuuu!!!!! 😛
Just kidding.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Comment below and recommend me your favorite classics. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


The psychology class

Who are you?
Probably the most pet question of many “discover yourself” classes and courses.
At one point or another all of us have come across a post or an article or some known/unknown person asking us this, and then adding “you know like who are YOU…deep inside” etc etc.

My reaction to this ambiguous, soul searching and somewhat annoying question is always something like…
“Huh, that’s true who am I really? Hmmm….yea maybe this..that…does this define me…does this sound cool?…ughh it’s irritating!! Me out!!”
And before i can reach the deep dark corners of my gray soul, I am on YouTube watching yet another superwoman video! (I love you Lilly…honestly!!)

Anyways, the reason I am here wasting our time is that today in class ( I am a first year Applied Psychology student…just adding this cuz it sounds pretty dope), we did a fun little game to see “ourselves”.

We were given a list of animals (mammals only…) and we were to select any three and rank them.
For example…
LIST: Horse, lion, cow, tiger, panda, dog, cat, elephant, whale, bear, monkey, gorilla.

I chose: 1) Panda
               2) Tiger
               3) Dog

So the motive for this really cute exercise was to give us our three selfs….
1) the qualities associated with this animal is your ” Ideal Self”. What you aspire to be and dream to be…how and what you actually want to be.
2) the qualities associated with this animal is your “Role Self”. This is how you potray “you” to the outer world…. how you project yourself.
3) and this final animal is your ” Real Self”. This is what you are, what your actual traits are (whether you realise it or not.)

Now this exercise is, in no way a personality analysis test or some real thing. It’s just a fun little game….it has no proof or anything! But since I liked my results…here I am misleading you all! 😛

But I think most of us work this way though, we are something else and pretend to be a totally different person while aspiring to be another thing altogether! And the worst part is…that all this while, we ignore and undermine our true self!

So here’s a post to be more of a bitch (uh huh ;P) and less of a tiger!

Hope you enjoyed…thanks for stopping by 🙂