How to remove a corrupt Government 

If I start by giving examples of how much the “Government” in our country is lacking/corrupt/not working/lazy/whatever negative adjectives you love to use, I’d probably never get to the point. 

The fact that despite all the progress, there are many areas in our “Incredible India”  that are not only unremarkable in their existence and function but rather poor in every sense of the word is evidence enough of our failing Government. 

The reason? Well,  why should we think of a reason, let’s just blame corruption! After all, “we the people”  are also victims of an awfully corrupt bureaucracy and legislation. Corruption has destroyed our country. (A statement every citizen of India swears by.) 

Today, I have a question for these “we the people”. Now as you know, a corrupt Government is not one person/body/thing. Its an organization. So can you tell me, what is the unit of this organization? In other words, what constitutes this corrupt Government? Isn’t it people? Ordinary humans who hold some position. But nonetheless, people. 

What is the point of the above question you ask, for when you blame the corruption, you are blaming these individuals, these people, who harm the citizens, take  their hard earned money and live a luxury life.  So what’s the point of all these words? 

Well the point is, people are essentially the same. So yeah, these “Government” people are corrupt. But aren’t you too? Do you, reader, give your best in the work you do? Do you, work properly and complete all your duties, not because there’s a sword hanging on your neck, but because you want to. Do you do that? Will you be as much productive as you are now, if your boss/official/head/teacher was not there to keep a check on you. Or was far away.  Who’re you fooling. Of course you wouldn’t be. And that makes you corrupt. Just like these people you blame. 

Corruption does not just mean taking money and doing illegal stuff. It is any form of dishonesty, any alteration, any manipulation, and any form of misconduct and deceit. So, when you just copy your friend’s assignment and submit it, you are corrupt. When you just charge some extra momey from your customer, you are corrupt. When you intentionally procrastinate and not give your full effort in all that you do, you are corrupt. 

I wonder, if everyone would do their work, their duties, whatever that may be to the best of their abilities, where would we stand? It is very easy to blame other people and forget that you are just like them. I feel that we have a really crappy work ethic. We want fun and we want fruit of our labours without any labour. And in a way, it is right. I mean, c’mon, pay without work! Awesome! But then we are in no position to blame others. If you can be selfish, they can be selfish too. How do you expect justice or fairness or progress for that matter. You ain’t putting in effort mate, you won’t evolve. Its simple. 

So next time when you sit in front of TV or newspaper, blaming the authorities, evaluate your work and your potential first. Working for your country doesn’t have to mean great sacrifices or noble prize worthy work (which is not at all wrong by the way! You should do it if you can). It can simply mean giving your best wherever you are. Fulfilling your duties. A little goes a long way. Maybe this way, everyone will eventually start doing what they’re supposed to do. And then we won’t have a corrupt Government at all. 


We ain’t dead

For all those people (and trust me there are!) who’re living under the impression that this blog is dead and it was “just a phase”, you couldn’t be more wrong! 

No we aren’t dead. We aren’t over. We were just on a break! –What up Friends reference!!! (And superwoman too! :P)

And now that we’re back, I’ll ask you one question…..What is your passion in life?

(Surprised at the question? ) From the past few weeks, this question along with others has haunted me. 

What is your passion? What d’you want to do after graduation ? Where do you want to go? How do you want to live your life? Which career do you want to pursue?

Now unlike those lucky *#*#**#* who know what they’re ” born” to do, I am as confused and as messed up as my cupboard! (Trust me there is no better analogy) How do you decide what your passion is? How can you come to the conclusion that “this” is what I’d like to do for the rest of my life and will be happy ever after! I don’t know how much I’ll like it after two years or three years. And how can you expect that my fickle brain would stay happy in that one kind of job forever?

Don’t even get me started on those preaching puckers who have their lofe set and then tell you “it’s okay to not have decisions ready at the moment, you can take time”. Both these people and theor advise are annoying! I mean yeahh I know I can take time, but will I? Don’t you know me at all? And even if I do, and I still don’t know what to do….then? 

Okay! So back to passion! How do you know what your passion is!? Do people who throw this question at everyone they see (sorry that’s what I did up there, but I hope by now you realise this is a rant!) Do you realise, only a handful of people know what their passion is? Others like us, are clueless. And happy to just have a really good pizza! 

I am honestly stumped! Please tell me you are too! And that’s a really stupid question! Whoever asked it first is dead to me! (And the rest of the world too, for that person must’ve died centuries ago!) 

But you know who isn’t dead? Me! And all of you clueless people out there! We ain’t dead. No no! We can figure stuff out (i hope). And i don’t know about you, but I’ll do everything and anything till the time I either find my “passion” or become broke or super rich. I’ll do what adriene tells me to do! I’ll find what feels good and live in the moment, experimenting thousands of things till I find the right one. (But I’ll start with the things that can make me super rich! 😛 you know, should derive something from this trial and error research!) It’s time to stop obsessing over passions and start experiments with life. 

Have a good day! Bbye!