The Perfect Night

Its the perfect night to stay awake for the whole of it! 

The sky’s clear and moon’s bright. 

The wind is cool and in harmony with the moonlight.

Dumbledore’s words echo as bollywood tunes prove love is the greatest. 

My soul sings while the world rests! 

If I designed heaven I’d copy and paste (this exact scene)! 

For its the night to love in this world of hate! 

Alas, its going to pass…. Fade away into day

So I shall live a complete life… In this next moment… 


How are you?

Heyoo! How are you?

No, really, think about it? How are you?

Isn’t it such a simple and overused question? We meet some one and it’s one of the first thing we ask….

“Hello, how are you?” Or “Heyy, ssup? How’s it going?” Or “How’ve you been?” Or in Hindi “kaise ho?” (Or maybe if you’re Joey from friends you’ll ask “How you doin?” :P)

Funny thing is, just like the question, the answer too is meaningless. Nobody actually “answers” this question. At least not in the first go, not even to our closest of friends….at most if you’ve been kinda “sucky”, you’ll probably give a reply which is a variable of ” meh!” 

But today, I heard the weirdest and yet one of the most profound reply to it. 

In my internship today I was working in Speech Therapy, observing the therapy sessions of young kids. So this young boy of around 6 walks in. Shy kid all smiling and hiding behind his mother. My supervisor welcomed the kid and started off with pretty basic stuff. Called the kid forward, said hello, asked his name, asked him to greet everyone etc. Moving on, next question, “How are you?” And suddenly, the kid says “I’m Happy”. Everyone started laughing. My supervisor tried to gently tell him, ” It’s good that you’re happy baby, in fact we can see that, but reply to the greeting properly. How are you?” She asked again. And again that kid said “I’m happy”.

She asked him this question four times and that kid did not change his reply even after prompting. (Hats off to the persistence though!) 

Up until an hour ago, I did not pay much attention to this incident. But then one of my friend whom I was chatting with after a long time asked me, ” how are you?” And I couldn’t help but smile at the memory of that kid, insisting that he is indeed happy!

Well, even though this was not the reply we were seeking, there is a certain honesty and depth to it. Isn’t it amazing that as kids humans know what happiness is and above that, they are not afraid to show it? 

This incident also made me wonder another thing, why do we ask this question when we are not ready for the real answer, negative or positive!? 

Anyways, this question for me will never have the same meaning. 

I hope that this kid’s answer always remains the same. And I also hope that someday, I too will say “I’m Happy” to this prosaic and mundane question, and mean it! 

Okay! See you later! Bbye!

Find What Feels Good

Do you ever wake up with an inner conflict that has you torn between whether to enjoy your life, be where you are or whether to GO OUT and get out of your comfort zone?

Well, surprisingly, I do.

I used to hate both these “philosophies”. Both contradicting each other but both claiming to help you improve your life, find yourself, and what not. But it turns out I had both of them wrong….

For me getting out of your comfort zone meant forcing yourself to do things in ways you don’t want to. Trying everything and anything. Whereas loving what you have right now meant being happy with what you have and just flowing through life without wanting more.

Now it may be that I misinterpreted both these school of thoughts, or it may be that the innumerable self help sites which force their opinion on you, do not delve much into their meanings. Nonetheless, I think I had an epiphany today…

So I wake up today sick and feeling awful. Cold, cough, and all the irritants that occupy this condition were dragging me down. I desperately wanted to feel better and be able to go to college, so I did what I do when I’m clueless. Yoga.

This post is not about yoga or its benefits. So don’t worry I will not list a 1000 reasons to practice yoga whether you want to or not.

Anyways, I like the fact that I can get my mind off things when I do some routines so usually when I do not feel “hippie”, I find a yoga for that situation. Sure enough, it was ” yoga for when you are sick” today. And like all the other times, Google (God bless for Google), listed a million links and videos which had the power to help me (no matter how remotely).

This is where my conflict or rather internal argument began. There is this one yoga channel that I absolutely love (Yoga with Adriene) and I love to explore new videos and routines she posts. Ofcourse there was a yoga routine for when you’re sick. And it began,
“I am too comfortable with Adriene now, shouldn’t I explore more channels? See what they have to offer”
“But Adriene’s the best. Other channels are boring and monotonous, you know it…”
“Yeah, but I haven’t tried all of them yet, let’s try a new instructor today”.

So the get out of you comfort zone department won, and I was trying to follow a different channel which I could only bear for 5 mins and was back with Adriene after that.

Sad on my inability to try out new stuff, it finally hit me….

Both these philosophies are same in their basic meaning. Find what feels good. (Something that Adriene keeps reinforcing and reminding us in every video).

Both the thoughts want us to explore new things. Where the first tells us to go and try things which intrigue us and not be afraid to step out of the routine, the other tells us to explore new areas in things we love already.

They both want us to explore and find new stuff that we can genuinely enjoy. In other words, FIND WHAT FEELS GOOD.

So if I like coffee, I don’t have to force myself to have tea every morning. I am allowed to enjoy my coffee. Maybe try different forma of it and see which one I love. And if, someday, a type of tea, say green tea, intrigues us, makes us think,
“Yeah, I’d like to know how it tastes” …we should go and try it.

And there you have it. My brain’s bs out on this blog. Now I don’t know what makes sense and what does not, for I am sick and not in my senses. But all I want to say is, find what feels good and have fun.
Bbye! šŸ™‚

Aprajita Rana

The Time I got a Tattoo on New Year

2016 was amazing. It sure had its ups and downs, good times-bad times, some really awesome times and some really awful ones. But it was great nonetheless.

I got out of my comfort zone, explored new things, and did (almost) everything I had resolved to. In fact, 2016 proved me and my belief, that the universe is toxic wrong and gave me opportunities I didn’t even know exist.

Although, it is over, I’m happy to move forward and welcome the adventures 2017 has to offer. Seeing how it has started, I do have pretty high hopes!

As the title of this post tells you! I GOT INKED! I got my FIRST TATTOO EVER!!!!

In a surprising turn of events, my mother, who is dead against tattoos, piercing, and other such body modification, said….
“You know, it’s 2017! Go get a tattoo! Do something fun! Be adventurous! Do what you’ve wanted to do!”

Now I don’t know what exactly bought about this sudden change in her attitude! But whatever it was….THANK YOU! Honestly, from the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU!

Taken aback as we were, me and my sister knew that this is once in a lifetime opportunity! Never again will we get this permission! And if we do get a tattoo without mum’s consent….it’ll have to be a hidden one.

So, we did what was supposed to be done. We cashed in this opportunity by getting ready, finding our tattoo designs, finding a trusted tattoo parlor, and going there only to find it has shut down, all in a matter of 2 hours.

One would think this would’ve weakened our spirits, but then you don’t know us. We are two of the most lazy people in this world but when it comes to craziness, we’re unstoppable!

So we get our data pack renewed, scan google for good tattoo parlours and sure enough, decide on one of them, ‘Scorpio tattoo inn’, dash to the place and begin!

I chose the word INVICTUS. Taken from a poem of the same name by William Ernest Henley (click here to read it), I have been obsessed with how simple yet powerful and profound this word (and poem) is, ever since I read it two years ago. Invictus in Latin means Undefeated and/or Unconquerable. Two things I believe I am, and always want to be.


So I got the word inked just as it is supposed to be….simple yet powerful. Only to later on realize that my name means the same thing (to be fair my mom pointed it out…coincidence….i don’t know, maybe).

A little secret, until the time my tattoo was complete, I literally had no realization of what….WHAT I had done. In fact, I still haven’t fully realized it. I mean I know cognitively and rationally the extent of my actions, but have I understood this yet…No I don’t think so!

Anyways, the realization is slowly dawning on me, and I am getting excited now. Excited for what is going to come. Excited for the adventures, the ups and downs, the highs and lows that 2017 has to offer.

I hope I remain Invictus. I hope I do justice to my tattoo. And I hope I manage to live every moment (whether good or bad) with acceptance, love and bliss.

To everyone reading this, I wish you and your family a Happy-Happy New Year. May we all have an exciting, adventurous and fulfilling year ahead.

K. Thanks. Byeee! šŸ’œšŸ’œ

Aprajita Rana