Where are we? What is this place? Who are we? Do you know?

Well, I don’t. Maybe all we know, all we see, all we feel is an illusion. Or just a big hallucination! This place where we live for a few years, maybe this is a lie. Or maybe it is the ultimate truth. How do we know? How do we figure out? Maybe we don’t. Maybe we just live. We just experience, express and evolve.

This blog has not been created to answer the age old existential questions. Neither is it here to figure out the ultimate truths. This blog is simply to love, relive and immortalize the thoughts, feelings and experiences that I feel and to talk about the infinite things this world has to offer.

Let’s go on a journey together. Let’s live and embrace every moment of this illusion (maybe) that we call life. Welcome to a Psychedelic Sojourn.




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting thoughts on life as an illusion. I wonder who knows?
    I’d love to add an interesting little excerpt by Osho “When the Man (a Sufi) died he suddenly realised, ‘my God I was alive’. Only death as a contrast made him aware that for seventy years he had been alive but life itself had not enriched him. It is not the fault of life, it is our misunderstanding “.

    So you are right live life intensely so that each moment becomes golden.


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