The Free Ride

It was a normal day, 
A normal drive home... 
Me and my friend navigating Delhi's traffic, 
I was cursing the drivers ahead, 
And she was absorbed in her phone. 
Our scooty ride was almost over, 
When I realised we had with us another rider, 
A lizard was on my knee! 
Sitting like a king on his Chariot. 

It was so funny and weird! 
Took me some minutes to comprehend... 
Panic did set in, 
Not in me but in my friend! 
I stopped  shook my leg, 
But I think she liked it... 
For the lizard didn't move, 
It was like "Meh, human, I don't mind this".
Well my human ego was hurt pretty bad! 
I couldn't shake a lizard off! 
For when it budged, it jumped on my other leg!!! 

She actually gave me a look 
Before she finally descended... 
Mean and ungrateful lizard!!! 
At least you could have nodded a thank you! 

I mean I gave you a free ride! 
And I was super nice! 
I know now why humans hate you! 
Lizzy you've got wayyyy too much pride! 😑

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