Another I’m back!

This is another I’m back…For I’m back again!

Yup! Exams done. I’m free. Though I think I have a weird form of writer’s block….for instance, I don’t write anymore for barely am I struck woth epiphanies or other crazy thoughts….but like that can stop me from continuing this blog! 

Writing for me is life. I may take a break. I may discontinue for weeks and months but I will always come back. And I will always keep posting The “I’m Back” posts. That’s just how stuff is going to be. 

Anyways, those who know me can give validation to the fact that I’M THE MOST INDISCIPLINED person on the face of this earth (exaggerated…. But yeah. I lack discipline!!). And recently I’ve realised that it is an essential quality which is required for success in any field. So I’ve been trying (mostly in vain) to cultivate discipline. Thus it only makes sense that I do so in terms of writing as well. 

So here’s the plan! I’ll write atleast two posts every week for a month that is July 4 (Preferably on wed and sun) on any topic. Maybe just a couplet. But I will post something.  To improve my writing, remove this block and be more disciplined. And you….you can just comment and let me know how much that sucked! 

(Kidding, I won’t approve negative comments anyway! 😂😂)

Well that’s it for today. See ya! Bbye! 💜


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