List of Gifts I’d love to receive

Now I know this is probably a bad idea and sort of greedy but I’m still gonna do it!
If you’re a “Friends” fanatic, you’d remember how whenever you give a gift to Rachel on her birthday you “stick to the list, always stick to the list”. And honestly, I think that’s a great idea….i mean yeah you’re good friends, but who knows a person (and their needs) better than the person herself eh?

Anyways, let it be clear that I’m not as strict as Rachel, and I accept everything. But still since I love you all (and most of all I love myself)….here’s a list of things that I’ve always wanted, so feel free to refer to it before my birthday…which ain’t too far πŸ˜›

1) Harry Potter Series
Now if you know me, you knoww that I ABSOLUTELY love Harry Potter and I’m a Potterhead. However, that said, I currently do not possess the complete set of Harry Potter books. I want them. And it’s no secret…

2) Dean Winchester’s Jacket
This is something I’ve looked for far and wide and I am at a point where I not only want it I need it! I mean…it’s DEAN WINCHESTER’S JACKET!!! How could anyone not want it.

3) GOT or LOTR series
Here comes another set of book series. Both of them have been in my reading list (yup im a bookworm) for a long long loonnngggg time. So yep, they would certainly be appreciated.

4) Puppyyy/Kitten
This was supposed to be at number one. Because I want them so much they’re in my bucket list!!!!! I reallyyyy want a pet! But here’s the glitch….the people I live with (aka family) do not allow me to adopt or buy one. However, there is no rule against getting a pet as a gift. So if you love me….you’ll choose this and also probably warn my parents! πŸ˜› 

5) Cool fandom Merch!
Yep yep yep! Any fandom’s merch ESPECIALLY LILLY SINGH AND HARRY POTTER will be greatly appreciated and your efforts will not go in vain. I’ll cherish you ALWAYS. You know for UNICORNS (specifically those who have onesies) stay together.

6) Boots/Cool shoes
Well yeah I’m a bigfoot. But I also like big boots! If you’re not a really close person….do not give this for you’ll never get the size right. On the other hand….if you are (and the parameter for that is the frequency of memes and fb posts i tag you in) this is the easiest way out πŸ˜‰

7) Wallet/Bags/Handbags
I have no idea why….but I’ve been obsessed with these things lately. So if you’re a good friend (however not tagged frequently) this one’s for you XD
However, getting a combined thing from the first four items won’t be bad idea either!

8) Candles
I love candles. That’s another weird fact about me. (So much information being revealed today! ) Scented ones and big candles and the ones with cute shapes and the stout ones I LOVE EM ALL! (no floating ones though). Even though I wish someone would get me the ones Lupin had in Prisoner of Azkaban where he taught Harry patronus charm, I know they aren’t available anywhere (but if you could get em I’ll love you forever). So you could get me other types of candles but not sooo good that i don’t wanna burn em. You know…somewhere in the middle.

9) Jewellery
Right. Though with special focus on cute neckpieces, earrings, unique things, again merch, and yep charm bracelets!!!

10) Makeup things (maybe)
Alright last and probably the least, makeup things. I think the heading implicitly explains that i don’t know s**t about makeup. But then again YouTube tutorials have piqued my curiosity! So why not? (Also, remember Lilly aka superwoman had released her lipstick brand “Bawse” so why not :P)

So that’s it for now rather this year. This post should be of great help to anyone confused ( Atleast I hope you are and thinking about such stuff ). With that said, I should mention that I love you guys already, otherwise you’d not be there in my life. So just keep doing what you are doing. It makes me happy! See ya…bbye! πŸ˜€

Aprajita Rana


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