We’re going on….

It’s a 160 second red light for a 30 second green. Makes no sense does it? To wait! Wait for your turn.
But to be fair you’re already late. Late for that meeting/class/other things Monday has brought along with it. So in a perfect pandemonium of cars, buses, scooties, bikes, trucks, rikshaws, autos and cycles, let’s just take our chances. Let’s jump the light! Let’s go to the extremes of the road, the point where the footpath is half an inch away, and overtake the person in front. Ofcourse, we don’t know each other and probably never get to either. But i’ll beat him/her atleast. Who cares about the consequences. Hell we don’t even know what they could be. Let’s just go. Get going. Keep going. And keep going yet. We’re just some humans amongst other humans with stuff to do and things to achieve. We don’t know what we will do with them. Or what does anything mean. Why does anything exist. But we just need to keep going. So there, now we’ve crossed another light. And still we’re going on………

Aprajita Rana


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