The Girl in the Attic


“Why am I a prisoner in my own house?” Lysa thought to herself!
She was crying and restless and confused.

She tried to recall how she got in here, she remembered her parents dying! She remembered something with fire….other than that her mind was blank. She knew she had to do something. She mustered up the courage to go downstairs.

The house had changed. The furniture was new, there were some things which were soo queer that Lysa didn’t know what they did. She walked some more and froze in her place for that man….that man who switched the light off was in front of her. She was frightened to even think of the possiblilities of everything that could happen to her. She shouted at him asking who he was….but he didnt listen.

She walked towards him….he didn’t see her. She stood one arm distance from him….still he didn’t see her.
Then the man shouted “Chris, this place smells….remind me to get room freshner next time from the store…and I’m gonna go sleep now, Goodnight love”.
Someone from the kitchen replied goodnight, but what came next was beyond Lysa’s wildest imagination. That man walked right through her. She fell down at that spot. She was in shock…..
And this was when she realised that her heartbeat is not fast, infact it isn’t there at all….she was DEAD.

Lysa couldn’t remember what had killed her. She remembered her family’s death from the unknown illness. But for her own demise, she had no memories. Will she always stay this way? Is there a way out? Heaven hell? Anything?

She climbed back to the attic. Still her favorite place. She looked at it carefully. And then she knew why! There was another wall….a false wall. Built to probably hide something. She had to break it….she realised that if she stressed herself enough, she can touch the material world. And then she began….the tedious work of breaking the wall.

She also needed to know how the present residents would react to her presence. So Lysa went downstairs, to meet Christina. Christina, she realised was sensitive…..she could feel Lysa. But when she tried to ignore it, Lysa gave the cutlery stand a little push to remove all doubts of her presence.

Lysa continued the wall work after Christina ran away. She felt guilty, for scaring that poor girl….but she enjoyed it too….

Her enjoyment didn’t last long! When the wall came down the contents that were hidden behind it brought back everything that her death had repressed till now. Lysa was murdered. Mrs. Norris had murdered her. She had gathered an angry mob and set the poor girl on fire.

What Lysa couldn’t understand was how this part of her survived….well how was not the question, it was evident Norris had to do something. But why? Why would she save a corpse’s remnants?

Lysa knew she needed to get the new housemates attention….send them a message, ask them for help. She waited for the morning sun to lighten up the house for meetings with ghosts in the dark were scary.

When she could hear Christina downstairs getting ready, Lysa woke up and followed her human. Little did she know that the mirror is a sneaky device, when Lysa went near Christina, an ugly apparation appeared in the mirror. Lysa was shocked at her condition…she wanted to shout and scream and cry….she tried…but she couldn’t. Death had taken away all the good feelings. Feelings that can help you went. Lysa was so preoccupied with herself that she didn’t realise she had scared Christina off. Now she’ll have to wait….come up with a better plan.

She would carve the message. Yes….she would do that. But what message? How could she be free.

She figured out all the details of her plan and promised to execute it as soon as she could. The time had arrived and Lysa with all her might started carving on the kitchen cabinet door. She had reached “L” of “HELP ME” when she saw Christina standing near her. She did not know what possesed her ghost that she grabbed Christina’s hand. This lead to an obvious outcome. That little human got so scared, it’s a wonder she didn’t get a heart attack.

Lysa cursed herself when she saw Christina run towards Norris’s house. But she couldn’t give up now. She covered every wall, sofa, floor with her message!

She was exhausted. She saw Dave enter the house. His expression was shocked, scared, concerned and confused. All at the same time. He slowly climbed the stairs to the attic, Lysa following him closely. She had arranged everything. Left plenty of messages. He would figure them out, she was sure. He went up there and called his wife.

Meanwhile at Mrs. Norris’s house

“My dear, this happened somewhere around 25yrs ago. We were a happy neighborhood. There was peace, everyone got along with everyone, it was a beautiful time.”
Mrs. Norris began.

“The house you currently reside in belonged to Morris and his family. Oh what lovely neighbors they were! Lysa was there eldest daughter. When the child turned 16 something about her changed. She became an altogether darker person. Wouldn’t meet anyone, greet anyone, just sit in the attic all day long. Soon people in her family started falling sick, with some unknown disease. What ailed them, no one, from a layman to a doctor could figure out. This notorious sickness claimed the life of both her parents and three of her siblings but Lysa didn’t cry. Not one drop of tear formed in her eyes…..
‘She is in shock…..poor girl, isn’t even talking….oh lord watch over her’ these were the things people said.”

“However, their perception started changing soon. She was spotted stealing blood from people, people who were suppsedly sick!!”
“Everyone got angry, and they burnt Lysa alive…..but you know how things are. I told them, that witches and monsters, they don’t die so easy. We need to destroy everything she has ever touched! I told them this dear. But alas, they called me paranoid, and now look….she is back!”
Mrs. Norris, was a person who could make you feel comforted, no matter what she said. She had a hypnotic effect. Something like when you are high on cough syrup…..
This horrific tale seemed like a bedtime story till Christina’s phone rang. It was Dave. She had completely forgotten about him and the house.

She picked up the phone and the sound on the other end made chills run down her spine. She had never heard him talk like this….soo serious.
“Wherever you are come home…”
He said monotonously and hung up.

Christina thanked Mrs. Norris hastily.
Mrs. Norris looked her in the eye and said….”Take care my child. Witches are not to be trusted!”

Christina ran towards her home. She was worried. Had Lysa hurt him too? What is happening…..her mind running wayy faster than she could.

She opened the door and everything in sight was covered with the words….

Christina shouted her husband’s name…to which he responded the third time with an “up here”.
“oh no, he is in the attic. He shouldn’t have gone there…..” She thought to herself.

Moving because of nothing but the love she had for Dave, she climbed up the stairs…..

As she entered the room….she could see that it was bigger. Reason was evident, a wall had been demolished. Dave was standing in front of it. His eyes transfixed on the floor. Christina walked over to him to see what was he staring at.

The sight weakened her knees. She almost fainted! Before her was a picture of young Lysa, sitting on top of a pile of human bones. These bones were tied up in a queer red thread.

A message besides these remnants read
“Help me, I’m stuck. Burn them near the forest’s mouth. I’ll leave forever”

“It has to be done. She has to go. But who is to say she was telling the truth. She was a malicious witch after all…”
Thought Christina to herself. Sadly she was a person whose doubt showed easily on her face. So something behind them stirred….

They turned around. A message was being carved in the wall…
“Don’t trust Mrs. Norris. She”
The ghost stopped, the brick fell, and all went silent.

To be continued…..

Aprajita Rana


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