The girl in the Attic


“It’s awfully dark in here.  Where’s that switch?” I am thinking to myself as I wake up. My body is hurting all over. It feels like I have done an entire week’s work and have run a marathon, all in one go. My legs ache as I walk over to the wall to find the switch.

“What is this place?” I cannot figure out.
It is, although strangely familiar. But everything looks so… different.

The roof definitely tells me it’s an attic with its classic slanting and joint in the middle. It is filled with boxes of all sizes; looking as if the family of this house is planning to move out, or maybe they have just moved in. Everything is dusty, the windows, the floors, even the walls. The bulb gives off a really dim yellow light for it is quite dusty as well.

Okay, it’s an attic, but why am I here? Where is my family? Have I been kidnapped? Should I check what is outside this room? Or stay here to wait and watch? Where the hell am I?

As my mind goes round and round these questions, trying to figure
something, anything, I hear footsteps approaching. They sound like someone is climbing stairs. They are getting louder.

“Oh! Dear Lord, someone’s coming!” I should hide, okay I can easily hide behind that box, it is big enough.
I haste and succeed in my endeavor, only to realise that I’m stupid enough to have left the light on.

As the door opens a man of about 6ft steps in. He has a strong built, but there’s something about him which makes me say, he cannot be a kidnapper. Still I decide against asking for help. Lest who knows he’s a psychopathic killer!

He walks across the room and turns the light off. He is not far from me, I can be spotted easily, but he has his back towards me. I know that if I attack him now I’ll have the advantage. I can jump on his back, hit him in the eye, and run. But I also know he’s not alone; I can hear more people downstairs. Let’s hope he does not see me.

He switches the light off, stubs his toe on a box, curses, but goes right back to where he came from. I remain unspotted, for now. But all this, still does not answer my questions.

I get up from the dusty floor and walk over to the window. The light outside is making ghastly shadows in this room. I clean a part of it to look outside.

My heart just stops, “I know where I am. This is MY house!”

To be continued…

Aprajita Rana


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