A walk in the park

Don’t you feel weirdly calm, when you come across an unexpected epiphany in daily chores and activities? I know I do.
I recently started going for morning walks. Mainly because of two reasons, I should probably mention here:
One…its summer vacation and i have a lot of free time (plus I get bored)
Second…it gives me an excuse to laze around all day guilt free πŸ˜›

So, yesterday, I was for some apparent reason really motivated and walking briskly in the not so little park behind my building. This obviously means that I was worn out in a few rounds (for if you know me, you know brisk walking, or walking in general ain’t my thing).
Now, when my fire doused, (which was soon) i continued my trek but now really slowly and in just a few minutes I realised how beautiful that park really was.



Few clicks of what I saw. But it was more than this.

A beautiful web, intricately and strategically woven between two branches with the thread so thin and delicate that the camera refused to capture it with the owner spider claiming the center for himself like it’s his throne.

A di-colored lizard with spikes down the back and a royal dragon face, concentrating on some unknown creature in grass with one foot up, almost like a yoga pose. (Too bad it ran away before getting it’s picture taken)

The best of all were the sweet smelling flowers all around and sunlight sifting through the branches of these flower laden trees touching the grass and you with it’s early morning gentleness.


It was here when I actually realised that everything we look at, all our surroundings, our environment, basically everything gets its definition from our perception. Most of the time it is us who perceive them as hostile or friendly, or for that matter beautiful or ugly. It is our perception, of our environment that gives it a definition.

And it was here when I actually understood why “slow down” is a pretty common advice of all spiritual/self help materials. Just moments before when I was trying to walk as fast as I can I did not even notice where I was, what I was doing, rather what I was missing. I was oblivious of the beauty around me. But when I slowed down, and actually looked around this seemingly normal place became a paradise.

I think that’s all we need, slowing down, slowing down to tread troubled waters…

Aprajita Rana


12 thoughts on “A walk in the park

  1. Nice piece! And the clicks are very nice! πŸ™‚ can your next post be something on the lines of “How not to procrastinate for hours in the park with the excuse of finding an epiphany” cause that’s a natural tendency I have! 😝

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