Just a reminder!

It’s crazy, how long it has been since i wrote something-something down, and irritated all my friends by sending them links and requesting feedbacks! The truth is that I had 3-4 topics to write on! These are topics that i like, like to read about, think about, know about! So why isn’t this post about them? Well, let’s just say…..it’s drizzling, there’s crazy wind blowing out here and the lightening is almost like a dance, one after another, rapid lightening which is scary and pretty at the same time. And even though any sane person would classify this as dangerous, i somehow find it soothing, calming, even romantic!
And sitting out here has made me realise, Im not the “5 things” person/writer!
My ideas are abstract, probably useless, but they are what they are! And today I just want to utilise this blog post to remind myself Im a poet! Im a crazy idea, unorganised, romantic poet for whom writing is a way to let go! And this poet should not restrict herself, should not write what she doesn’t believe in, what she doesn’t feel in the deepest corners of her soul!
I’m not a professional, i may never be! But i know i don’t want to be one unless what I write resonates with me!
So I vow to never post anything that I’m not in love with, or something that does not give me satisfaction. Isn’t everything already too stressful? This doesn’t need to be a work! It’s my therapy and i don’t want that few months down the line, I start detesting this.

Okay! So I should shut up now!
K.thanks.bye πŸ™‚

Aprajita Rana


5 thoughts on “Just a reminder!

  1. Hey!! It’s great that you want to keep this hobby strictly personal and emotional, but remember that perfectionism is the biggest killer of creativity. If you wait for your writing to be perfect or completely satisfactory before you post it, then you might end up not posting anything at all.. And that might lead to frustration in the long run. Instead, just use this blog as your personal canvas, a small diary, where everything goes. All your work, finished, unfinished, good, bad, useless, useful. Just write first… Then leave the labeling for later.

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  2. Wonderful πŸ™‚
    The first lesson of writing is ‘write for yourself’ πŸ™‚
    I get doubts when I write something intense, like ‘what will people think of me?’, even though I enjoy writing what I write.
    The very next moment I say, ‘That doesn’t matter!’

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