5 reasons why I loved Gone Girl


WARNING!! WARNING!!! DISCLAIMER! Please note that if you are unaware of a book called Gone Girl, the following content can and will destroy your experience of reading/watching it! So please close this window and order the book now!

And for those who have read/watched it, well let’s take a trip down the memory lane, shall we?

1) AMY! AMY! AMY!!!!
Not to sound like a sociopath! But I just LOVE Amy! Ofcourse, for the first half of the book I just could not understand why this stupid girl prolonged her misery, and not divorce Lance Nicholas Dunne (yes i dislike him so much that i’ll use his full name!).
But the second half’s first page, just gave me chills and made me a fan of Avenging Amy! Damn…that girl’s good!
Honestly, I wish I could do something like that! (No, I’m not crazy, shutup!) The planning and acting and patience and the discipline! It’s just….just crazyyyy! And amazing!!! She’s cold, .and manipulative and malicious with the right amount of brains. She does not take crap, be it anyone, and that is exactly what I love about her!
The way she fakes her pregnancy, and disappearance, and the murder! It’s outright BRILLIANT!

2) The killer suspense (pun intended)
Again, the turn this book takes, in the second part just denies the reader any respite and forces him/her to complete the book, even if it means, waking up till 3am and getting a bad case of spondylitis! It is impossible to know where the next three pages will take you, and the crime is so perfect i still am obsessively trying to figure out loopholes! (Haven’t yet googled them though)

3) The language
Now this can be purely subjective, but I loved the narrative of the book. A right mixture of sophisticated writing with profanity in the right places. The story flowed effortlessly, without digression (which I detest) and managed to hang on to the suspense, without becoming boring.

4) It’s Different!
This was the first time I’ve ever read such a book. My literary journey had till now, not encountered any sociopaths. (Again it’s a subjective point but it’s my blog so πŸ˜‰ )
What I also like about this story is the fact that it does not classify any of its characters. All of them are gray. They are all realistic. They all are somewhat correct in their places and somewhat wrong as well. Whom do you hate and whom do you love is left all to the reader’s discretion.

5) A great psychology lesson
It’s an insight into a psychopath’s mind. What is her psychological makeup, from where did it stem, why she does what she does, and how she does what she does is all beautifully incorporated in the book! Her behaviour has a reason, she was nurtured this way, not to mention this book could someday be a part of the “nature vs nurture” debate….who knows?

Above all the sole reason I am writing all this right now, is that this book changed me. Changed my perspective, shocked me, and made me think again and again and again about it. And as many of you know, I love any book which does that!

So if you are one of those who have just contented themselves with the movie, please go and read this book right now! There’s no way you wouldn’t love it!

K bye! πŸ™‚

Aprajita Rana


6 thoughts on “5 reasons why I loved Gone Girl

  1. Gosh! Haven’t read the book yet but the movie was absolutely mindfuck…I’m unapologetic about the profanity because this was the exact word I screamed in the theatre during intervals. And don’t worry, this article encapsulate the reasons we love the story without giving ANYTHING away!

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    1. I should try that…lol! But I think Gone girl should be a classic! It’s (for the lack of a better adjective in my limited vocab πŸ˜› ) AWESOME!!!!!

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