I know this! Sorry!

Did you know?
There is a small band like thing in our brain called corpus callosum. It connects the two hemisphere. If damaged, the person will suffer from alien hand syndrome (AHS). In this, one of the hands gets a mind of it’s own. It grabs things without your command, slaps random people around you, infact it has been reported by one of the victims that her left hand tried to murder her when she was sleeping. She had to fight and restrain it.

It’s crazy isn’t it….How there is so much that we don’t know!? And how there is so much we don’t want to know!

I remember being this curious kid….who needed to know new stories and things and facts. Then I would come home and narrate my new foundings to as many people as I could rope in. I never understood how can people not jump around like maniacs having gained these snippets of information!!  How can you not feel amazed on finding out that a lion sleeps for 20 hours a day… Or that the word “salary” stemmed from “salt” (it meant the amount a soldier needs to buy salt, an essential but expensive comodity in Ancient Rome)!?


Now… it’s a completely different story. I understand now how my victims used to feel. Much ahead of me in time and age, they had already learned that if a piece of information does not fetch you marks or money, it’s mostly useless. There’s no profit in being curious. Also the information that does fetch you marks is a necessity. You cannot enjoy it!!! No no! It’s just to be learned and secretly blamed for forcing you to work.

I understand all this now. I’m an adult. Much much mature. So to swoon over the fact that it was infact World War II which popularised the belief that our environment influences our behaviour (just something our psychology professors bore us with) is irrational, and childish!
But I still do! I still am happy to find this out. Maybe people like me never learn! After 12 years of school trying to teach me just to get marks and be done with it, I’m still here feeling glad that I know crocodiles are cannibals.



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