Keeping Quiet..


There’s a saying “The quieter you become, the more you can hear”. I wonder if it’s even true….

I remember when I read this poem, I wished for it to come true. I would’ve been content, if it was made possible even for just 2 minutes. But it seems that complete utter silence is a myth….. The clock keeps ticking, kids keep screaming, cars keep honking and well this can go on…

A research proved that a constant low voice can cause stress and heart problems, but still we live in this era where noise is so ingrained in our lives that only death and disaster has the power to silence us (Not even that for some). If you’d just pay attention…be quiet just for a minute and listen…. you’ll be greeted with so many sounds that you’ll hope Neruda was a dictator and ban all of this. (And if you are one of the lucky ones who can hear nothing but silence then love it and enjoy while it lasts.)

For once I wish we’d not be so modern and shut off our cars…for once can we not interrupt the pure moonlight with rude distasteful street lamps? For once I wish we give silence a chance….and just once, just once keep quiet…..


23 thoughts on “Keeping Quiet..

  1. Beautifully expressed.
    We have always read and thought that silence is golden,however, as a teacher I recently found out that noise is the space ( more so in a classroom ) where life exists, where sharing happens,where stories are woven and is a space where children learn the most from each other.I wonder whether I will ever get to experience the silence that Neruda talks about.

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  2. Its true….keeping quiet has so much power that only we can internally experience and enjoy.
    We need take out some time for ourselves.
    Well expressed Aprajita. Its really very good.😄

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