5 Reasons all of us should read classics

I am the type of person who can literally devour a good book in matter of hours!! If a fire was to strike my college…I’d probably save books than my friends. (Well let’s face it, books do actually have more brains than them!)

Recently I came across Wuthering Heights, in a snatch-fight-kill for books book-fair. Of-course I had heard of it….and yes never read it, but too much free time aling with great online summary and reviews compelled me to open the book.

I’ve always believed books are shortcuts to different heavenly worlds in a different time and place. Wuthering heights surpassed all my expectations turning out to be an entirely unique and a novel experience, so much so that even the slightly old expression and English did not put me off and it forced me to actually dust off other all time favs and give them a read!!

So, here are five reasons everyone should read classics….

  1. You’ll get an epic vocabulary enhancing session.    

It does seem cumbersome at firstbugging google again and again and again and yet again to give you the meaning of these words which either you have never heard or have heard in a dream….or a dream of a dream (Remember this…narnia?? ❤ favorite childhood movie).

However irritating it may be, it sure gives you an upper-hand in literature class or even an argument with some stupid bimbo who might be bugging you 😛 (you can be like “hiyaaa five words pride and prejudice!!” “you wanna piece of me? there…imma go all Lolita on you!”).

Basically it’ll be worth it…and most of the time the story is so interesting that you would definitely not give up for this reason.
A little tip though….download Kindle and the e-book of whatever you are reading. It has a built in dictionary which just makes all this super easy! And if you are a hater of e-book like me…then read the hard copy while simultaneously using kindle for word-meaning session.


2. You’ll never be the same person again.

I read somewhere that the definition of a classic book is that it changes you as a person. And I for once have found this to be true after the indulging in the few classics that I had.
It’s impossible to remain the same person again. After i completed pride and prejudice….i think I was just numb for a whole hour. I thought nothing felt nothing. And then all of a sudden I found that I am actually capable of loving someone…given that the someone is Mr. Darcy. But I could literally see everyone in a different light, including me. All of us full of pride and prejudice. It just blowwwsss my mind!!!!

3. Food for Thought

I still find myself wondering…how can someone be as twisted as Heathcliff. And I still can find no flaw in his character. Given the circumstances he faced I think he turned out pretty good person, I’d have probably resorted to something like murder.

One thing cannot be denied, these books are time tested. They force you to read and reread them. Make you conflict yourself, make you think and wonder. It’s maddening and amazing at the same time. For me atleast, this reason is compelling enough to make me open my collection of classics, grab a cup of coffee, get myself a corner and a blanket, and start reading.

4. You’ll Be a literary reference wizard

This one is probably for your english teacher….but you’ll have a reference for each and every situation. (Don’t overdo…your friends might abandon you :P)
If not, then atleast in the time of crisis, you can relate to some character which will give you hope. I still look for Dumbledore’s words when am low. (And I think when the situations arise I’d probably call myself some jane Austen character too) These books teach you. Make you better, help you grow. You’ll never be alone, you’ll always have these characters with you.

5. They are fun to read

If none of the above works for you, then consider the fact that they had to be something to be a “classic”.
So chances are that like the million others of present and the million others of past, you too will enjoy the story, setting and the write up.
Just give it a try!!

I hope I’ve given you enough reasons, and if you still don’t pick up a classic….well then…screw youuuu!!!!! 😛
Just kidding.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Comment below and recommend me your favorite classics. Thanks for stopping by 🙂



11 thoughts on “5 Reasons all of us should read classics

  1. Love It!
    All the reasons resonate with my love for classics.
    You should give To kill a Mockingbird and Excalibur a try.
    Hope to see more amazing posts soon.

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  2. I go back to classics occasionally, the most recent being the catcher in the rye which my partner who had an english upbringing in the fifties had never read.

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  3. Really really really amazing article! Honestly, I haven’t tried reading a classic yet (unless you count the one mandatory school syllabus “As you Like it” Shakespeare ! 😝) anyway… Just bought “Little Women”… It will be the first novel to finish this vacation.


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