The psychology class

Who are you?
Probably the most pet question of many “discover yourself” classes and courses.
At one point or another all of us have come across a post or an article or some known/unknown person asking us this, and then adding “you know like who are YOU…deep inside” etc etc.

My reaction to this ambiguous, soul searching and somewhat annoying question is always something like…
“Huh, that’s true who am I really? Hmmm….yea maybe this..that…does this define me…does this sound cool?…ughh it’s irritating!! Me out!!”
And before i can reach the deep dark corners of my gray soul, I am on YouTube watching yet another superwoman video! (I love you Lilly…honestly!!)

Anyways, the reason I am here wasting our time is that today in class ( I am a first year Applied Psychology student…just adding this cuz it sounds pretty dope), we did a fun little game to see “ourselves”.

We were given a list of animals (mammals only…) and we were to select any three and rank them.
For example…
LIST: Horse, lion, cow, tiger, panda, dog, cat, elephant, whale, bear, monkey, gorilla.

I chose: 1) Panda
               2) Tiger
               3) Dog

So the motive for this really cute exercise was to give us our three selfs….
1) the qualities associated with this animal is your ” Ideal Self”. What you aspire to be and dream to be…how and what you actually want to be.
2) the qualities associated with this animal is your “Role Self”. This is how you potray “you” to the outer world…. how you project yourself.
3) and this final animal is your ” Real Self”. This is what you are, what your actual traits are (whether you realise it or not.)

Now this exercise is, in no way a personality analysis test or some real thing. It’s just a fun little game….it has no proof or anything! But since I liked my results…here I am misleading you all! 😛

But I think most of us work this way though, we are something else and pretend to be a totally different person while aspiring to be another thing altogether! And the worst part is…that all this while, we ignore and undermine our true self!

So here’s a post to be more of a bitch (uh huh ;P) and less of a tiger!

Hope you enjoyed…thanks for stopping by 🙂





8 thoughts on “The psychology class

  1. Yo super woman 😛 XD thnx for this post…. bt I would like to know my personality traits so pls post wht does all those animals symbolises abt someone’s personality…. nd thnx for this post once agn it’s fab:*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanku so much glad u liked it…actually, the animals dont symbolise anything…if u get a cat per say as ur real self…it means ur traits match those of cats…like free spirited, classy, royal, self caring etc. So it’s basically how u percieve that animal to be…


  2. Wow…! Aprajita Rana this indeed is great..👍 amazing work dude…
    This shows ur ultimate love for wildlife and animals.. N ofscourse u r the biggest superwoman fan girl..😎


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