Today's article features one of my favorite writers, one that I've had a pleasure of knowing for the past few years. And this is one of her best! So drop all that you're doing and read this RIGHT NOW! Lessons from a Kaleidoscope By Karishma Agrawal Ever used a kaleidoscope? A triangular prism, 3 mirrors, … Continue reading LESSONS FROM A KALEIDOSCOPE


Science Class -Life Lessons

If you have a black and white world Achromatic, no color, Doesn't matter where you go, it only gets duller, Then all you need is a lens with chromatic abberation All the whites will get colored, You'll have happier cognition.

Nature’s Angels

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. ~Rabindranath Tagore   With delicate wings, Beautiful and divine, Butterflies are nature's angels flying. Floating, and fluttering, for they are free, They count not months but in moments they be, Naturally "Zen", mindful and serene....

How to remove a corrupt Government 

If I start by giving examples of how much the "Government" in our country is lacking/corrupt/not working/lazy/whatever negative adjectives you love to use, I'd probably never get to the point.  The fact that despite all the progress, there are many areas in our "Incredible India"  that are not only unremarkable in their existence and function … Continue reading How to remove a corrupt Government